Automated Home Plantation Nurturing System

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Increasing industrialisation and urbanisation has resulted in considerable reduction in green cover. This has affected the health of our cities and neighbourhood critically which is evident from AQIs being observed in States like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana etc. The solution lies in increasing green cover, but this is quite hard to do in urban areas because of lack of vacant spaces. So, the panacea is to promote home plantation. But the increasing hectic life schedule of city dwellers is making it a tough choice. It has been observed that people find it hard to extract time for their own health and fitness so expecting them to take care and nurture the plants may not result in desired outcomes. I envisage to solve this problem by creating an "Automated Home Plantation Nurturing System". The proposed model will perform continuous surveillance of plant’s well-being through multiple sensors that can check moisture content and soil nutrients and avoid problems like dehydration, sluggish growth and discolouration of leaves and flowers. The System will be able to take corrective action like automatic sprinkling of water or sending the reminders to the user.

Organization: Ch. Balbir Singh Public School, Hoshiarpur Innovator(s): Snehal Sobti (S/O Rajeev Sobti) Category: Agriculture Country: India

This project presents an innovative method to supervise the heath of plants predominantly indoor plants by using humidity sensing technique which can specify satisfactory level of moisture existence in the soil and plant components and further predicting the plant’s health for real time data analysis using neural networks. RGB built LED strips are enclosed to this apparatus which will radiate different lights to indicate the necessity of water supply. Also, if the LED turns blurred, it will be a signal of dehydration. This set up is microcontroller based which is further connected to battery supply for performing sensing operations. A specific level of reference for moisture content availability will be SET initially. As soon as the level goes below this reference point, an LED will let the person gets notified with different Monitoring the health of plants is very essential and significant to prevent them from perishing and decaying process. But usually this is ignored as directly looking at a plant one cannot determine the actual condition of the nutrients and water requirements by different varieties of plants planted inside the home. Dehydration of plants is commonly observed scenarios for the plants present indoors as compared to plants in their natural atmospheres. Henceforth, special care and attention is duly required for regular monitoring and plant health check up to maintain the life and freshness of the indoor plant’s growth and well-being. Due to immensely busy routines, protecting and keeping good care of indoor plants is sometimes neglected and overlooked. The outward appearance and colour of the plants may not be sufficient to understand the actual plant’s well-being. The plants which may appear to be healthy and colourful may be deficient internally and deprived of accurate water supply or essential nutrients in soil. The plant health could be under serious strains and it’s roots may have gotten spoilt. This could be a result of serious lack of water in the soil which can show characteristics such as light/dull coloured plant leaves and flowers. Sluggish growth of leaves and flowers, untimely fall of leaves, as well as discolouration of flowers are some of the leading causes of under-watered plants. Not only dehydration, sometimes over watering situations fairly damage the plant health and may lead to its decomposition. To avoid these situations, a smart mood monitoring system for plants is desirable which can sense the health of the plant and accordingly alert the gardener for taking convenient actions to protect plant’s health. The system consists of a plant pot which is equipped with all the hardware and works on mains power supply. The pot is having a moisture sensor in it which will continuously sense the moisture of the soil and will let the microcontroller know that how much water the plant need and depending upon the moisture level, the RGB multicolour LEDs display will glow dull color for less moisture or required water and will show brighter colors when the moisture level will be upto the considerate mark and hence there is no water requirement. The record of moisture values of the soil is seized and after every few minutes updated on the app through stored data into the microcontroller. Leaf moisture, humidity, moisture of soil and outside temperature are the other parameters which are continuously recorded by the soil pH meter sensors. Whenever a change is detected images are captured with the cameras mounted on the roof top. The data values are passed through Wi-Fi router to the neural networks for training and validation using real time data images. This will identify the exact requirement of water and temperature requirements which need to be maintained for healthy and long plant life. Coloured and faintness of plant is detected and water is adjusted through micro-motorized sprinklers.