Light Stalker: A Solar Tracking Charger

Short Description:

This study “LIGHT STALKER: A Solar Tracking Charger” aims to determine the efficiency of the device to generate power by automatically setting the equipment to get maximum sunlight.

Organization: Oriental Mindoro National High School, Division of Calapan City, MIMARPA, Philippines Innovator(s): John Bryson R. Mendoza, Eicer Enolmar A. Magbanua, Petal Joy L. Madrigal Category: Energy Country: Philippines

Solar Tracking Charger is a power generating charger from sunlight. This method of power generation is simple and is taken from a natural resource. This needs only maximum sunlight to generate power. This project will lend aid in charging a 6V Sealed Lead Acid Rechargable battery in an environmental –friendly and economical manner using solar panels with the use of solar tracking system, it will help generate power by setting the equipment to get maximum sunlight automatically. The system is tracking for maximum intensity of light. When there is decrease in intensity of light, this system automatically changes its direction to get maximum intensity of light. The Solar tracking charger aims to improve solar power generation by changing the orientation of the panels with respect to maximum intensity of sunlight.