Udokirami (udon kimpul porang mi) Indonesia’s noodle product made from kimpul tuber and porang tubers to promote wealth resources in Asia

Short Description:

Udokirami is a noodle product made from porang and kimpul tubers which try to solve the problem of food diversification, especially tubers that have very little processing and open up a large market opportunity through these processed food products. This food processing supports local resources, especially kimpul and porang tubers.

Organization: Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia Innovator(s): St. Shofiah Aghnani Alfi Laila Fq, Hildatussyarifah, Muh. Khadafi Kasim, Antoma Sujata, Helen Devia Faradilla, Imelia Arifatus Sani Category: Food Country: Indonesia

Indonesia is the country of Asia that has a wealth of natural resources. Food is an important part that is constantly being developed to produce unique, creative and promotive new products. Noodle is the one of popular food in Asia especially Indonesia (Ginanjar, 2011). Indonesia has the potential of food development, one of them uses basic ingredients of tuber. Therefore, we have an innovation called Udokirami. Udokirami is a noodle made from kimpul tuber flour and porang tuber flour. Kimpul tubers are selected because they have bioactive content that containing diosgenin. Meanwhile, porang tubers are currently promoted to substitute staple food called rice. With this Udokirami innovation, hopefully can promote the uniqueness and wealth resources in Asia.