IMTEA MENIRAN: Immunostimulant Tea Efforts to Improve Body Immunity to avoid COVID-19 Infection In Indonesia

Short Description:

Imtea Meniran is a tea product innovation during pandemic of Covid-19. Imtea Meniran made from the meniran plant which is known to contain immunostimulant substances that are useful for maintaining immune system. Meniran plants are known to contain immunostimulants that are useful to protect body immunity from harmful viruses, like a Covid-19. Because Imtea Meniran have Flavonoid and filantin. Flavanoid and filantin are used in their capacity to increase human body immunity in order to avoid or reduce the risk of covid-19 viral infections. By processing meniran into tea products, it will be easier for Indonesian people to consume this product.

Organization: UNIVERSITY OF SUMATERA UTARA AND POLITEKNIK NEGRI MEDAN Innovator(s): Billy Affandie Rizal, Salsabilla Kobis , Muhammad Daffa Syahdana , Sharoncia Fani Dwi Astika Nasution Category: Healthcare/Fitness Country: Indonesia

The spread of corona virus disease 2019 (Covid-19) infection in Indonesia is so fast that it makes one of the pillars of SDGs, namely health, becomes more difficult to achieve. Since the discovery of the first case in Jakarta on March 2, 2020, suddenly the Indonesian government has firmly imposed large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) and various other anticipatory measures. However, this has not been able to completely break the chain of spread of this infection, as evidenced by the increasing number of cases of infection which is getting more significant every month. One of the factors that cause infection is low immunity, so the need for stimulant products known as immunostimulating to maintain the body's resistance to viral infections. By utilizing wild plants which are potential in number in Indonesia, the author presents the Imtea Meniran: immunostimulating tea to increase immunity to avoid Covid-19 infection in Indonesia This tea product is made from meniran which is known to have immunostimulating substances such as flavonoids and filantin. By consuming this tea every day you will be able to maintain your body's resistance against harmful viruses. This product has gone through testing stages such as organoleptic tests and testimonial tests so that it has good tea quality. Collaboration with the community as suppliers was also carried out. The next implementation is product introduction or socialization to marketing. Until now, imtea meniran has been sold in the area around the city of Medan. With a selling price of 15,000 packages, it will be easily accessible by the community. Keywords: Immunostimulant Tea, Meniran, Covid-19 Infection