Smart Plantation : Control System Design for Chilli Based Internet of Things (IoT)

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Based on the results and analysis that has been done, it can be concluded that the design of soil moisture monitoring system and temperature can be used to monitor plants with the resulting soil conditions are wet, damp and dry. From the test results that have been done soil moisture measurement using Soil Moisture sensor and temperature using DHT11 can be monitored via blynk application connected to the internet. If the soil condition is dry then the rangevalue displayed in will be high or the soil is in dry condition and vice.

Organization: Mts. Tahfidz Yanbu’ul Qur’an Kudus Innovator(s): Ahmad Nuzil Arzaqul Aufa, Iqbal Mayyuhda Al Haq, Hiqmatiar Nafiul Hakim, Huga Magda Arti, Irham Khoirul Muna, M. Ridhwan Dharmawan Al-Fatih Category: Energy Country: Indonesia

Nowadays, the development of technology in agriculture and plantation is very rapidly developing. But in the process of maintaining the plant is not easy. There are several factors that can influence the development of such plants, among others, soil moisture, Ph and temperature. In the face of this, scientists began to develop technology that can help the process of plant maintenance, especially in red chili plants. One of the innovations used is the smart garden system. Smart garden system is a system design used to facilitate farmers in controlling their crops. The manufacture of this tool aims to help plant management. Where smart garden system is used to measure soil moisture on plants. because, as a person can not distinguish good soil and not good to plant certain plants. As a result, many crops fail to harvest and harm farmers who die from withering. Moreover. Smart garden system is used to control pH and air temperature through Blynk application that can be monitored through Internet of Things network.