BritisEnergy: The Newest and Efficient Energy Innovation Based on Go Green Action in Realizing SDGs 2030 as a Solution to Global Problems in a Period of Recession

Short Description:

Britis is a product of the reuse of Tembesu dry leaf waste as an alternative fuel in the form of organic coal briquettes in order to overcome the limited availability of fossil coal and to increase productivity and a sustainable community economy without damaging the ecosystem.

Organization: Universitas Brawijaya Innovator(s): Saqian Putra Andeskara, Rizky Mulia Basmalasari, Miftakhul Mukarromatun Nisa’,Aditya Nur Prasetyo, Dina Nur Syifa Category: Energy Country: Indonesia

Britis is an organic coal briquette made from the dried leaves of Tembesu. The background of this british is because we realize that sooner or later fossil energy will become scarce and we find the fact that there is a large population of Tembesu trees in Indonesia where their dry leaves can be used as a base for briquettes. So, we present a briquette innovation to increase public knowledge about making organic briquettes so that people can use alternative energy that is environmentally friendly and in an effort to realize SGD 2030. through several stages of experiments and after going through 3 experiments we finally succeeded in making strong organic coal briquettes and burning.