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A disease that has almost spread throughout the world, Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by the virus Sars-CoV-2 or commonly known as coronavirus. In the main transmission, this visible virus enters through the air with various causes such as through droplets when someone is coughing or sneezing, through small particles floating in the air or through objects that have been contaminated by this virus. Because of its invisible spread, even this virus is classified as a dangerous virus. recent data taken from WHO until Thursday (26/11/2020) afternoon, the total positive Corona globally reached 60,333,049 cases and still increases. So the most effective step to take is to break the chain of distribution of covid -19. Therefore, various preventive efforts have been intensified, starting from washing hands using soap, to cleaning furniture at home in a sustainable manner and maintaining social distancing. Washing hands using soap is an activity most often carried out by people with the aim of minimizing the presence of viruses on the skin, especially the hands so that they are not easily inhaled by the nose. So that many new soap brands have emerged that are competing to market their products by highlighting their advantages and various prices. However, in its manufacture, there are still many that have not purely used natural ingredients or made use of existing natural resources. There is even soap that is just soap without antiseptic or anti-viral content and so on. Therefore, we will make natural based soap using strobilus activated charcoal and tapak liman extract in order to minimize waste with good utilization and make soap that is economical and contains antiviral and antibacterial properties which are expected to help in the efforts being made by the community to prevent the spread of covid-19, especially when washing hands with soap.

Organization: MBI Amanatul Ummah Pacet Innovator(s): Muhammad Zaidan Abrar, Moh. Adib Syambudi, Ahmad Sulton Hikam Syifa, Muhammad Rizky Rizaldi, M.Rifqi Mu'afiy Zain, Nauval Kamal Category: Healthcare/Fitness Country: Indonesia

Background Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic has spread almost all over the world. Covid-19 is a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus which has claimed many lives. SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission can occur directly or indirectly, such as through saliva droplets from an infected person and touching objects that have been contaminated with the virus. Until now there is still no effective vaccine to stop this virus. Therefore, what can be done now is an approach to prevent transmission of this virus, such as wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, and maintaining hand hygiene. Maintaining hand hygiene aims to prevent and minimize the spread of the virus through indirect contact. One effective way to keep your hands clean is to wash your hands using liquid soap. To maximize the function of soap in eradicating germs or viruses contained in the palm, it is necessary to have active coral from pine strobilus and flavonoids from tapak liman which function as antiviral and antibacterial properties. RESEARCH METHOD 1. Making activated charcoal Dry the waste material strobilus into charcoal. And grind the ingredients until they become powder, then soak them with ZnCl 10% solution for 24 hours, and filter and drop with distilled water. To produce filtrate and residue. The filtrate is removed while the residue is put in the oven for 24 hours at a temperature of 40 degrees 2. The extraction stage of tapak liman To obtain flavonoids, it is done by maceration. This stage is carried out by mixing the simplicia of the two ingredients and 96% ethanol in a ratio of 1:10 in a dark bottle, and let it stand for 48 hours to get the extract. To maximize the results of maceration, stir once every 6 hours. 3. Making activated charcoal liquid soap Dissolving 20 grams of KOH by 100ml distilled water. From the KOH solution taken as much as 33 ml, will be added 25 ml of coconut oil. The solution is heated in the oven at 70 - °80 C, 4-5 hours until the solution becomes homogeneous. The solution was added with 5 ml of glycerin and heated again to the same temperature as before. Then the activated charcoal and tapak liman extract are added to the solution. To give fragrance added fragrance. Finally, it is heated again and stirred until it is homogeneous. Result and Discussion 1. Tapak Liman (Elephantopus scaber) Tapak liman has several active chemical compounds contained in ethanol extract, namely flavonoids, lactone sesquiterpenes, and steroids. The compound Flavonoid-7-Glucocil Luteolin obtained from the extraction of the plant has pharmacological activity as a respiratory inhibitor, can inhibit phosphodiesterase, aldo reductase, monoamine oxidase, protein kinase, reverse transcriptase, DNA polymerase, and lipoksigenase (Robinson, 1999). 2. Strobilus Pine (Pinus Merkusii) Activated charcoal made from pine strobilus has a sufficiently large adsorption capacity to be used as an adsorbent compared to strobilus charcoal and other activated charcoal. This is because the adsorption capacity of an activatedcharcoal is based on the pore size of an activated charcoal. In this study, activated pine strobilus charcoal was activated using ZnCl2 3. Liquid Soap is a material used for washing and emulsifying which consists of two main components, namely fatty acids with a Carbon chain and sodium or potassium. Soap is a cleanser made by a chemical reaction between potassium or 16 sodium and fatty acids from vegetable oils or animal fats (Nuraeni, 2014). The main principle of working soap is the attraction between the dirt, soap, and water molecules. Soap is generally divided into 2 types, namely soap and liquid soap. Soap made with NaOH is known as hard soap, while soap made with KOH is known as soft soap. Conclusion 2 ACT 1 Soap contains tapak liman extract compounds and activated charcoal compounds from strobilus which have antiviral and antibacterial benefits when used in cleaning hands. The use of this filter is intended to help prevent transmission of the COVID virus by washing hands. It is not only used to clean hands but can also be used to clean the body, it can also make the use of soap more effective and minimize excessive use of soap. Further studies are recommended to demonstrate the antiviral effectiveness of this soap.