New innovation anti-inflammatory spray drug from bandotan and peppermint leaf extracts

Short Description:

Anti-inflammatory medicine bandotan leaf extract and mint leaves is a new innovation drug in the form of a spray that can be used to prevent inflammation of the skin burned by hot oil by providing a cold sensation (resulting from the addition of mint leaf extract) so as not to leave marks and certainly avoid the uncomfortable heat.


All human activities in everyday life can pose a risk of wounds to the body, one of which is inflammation. Inflammation itself has the meaning of the body's reaction to microorganisms and foreign bodies characterized by heat, swelling, pain, and impaired functioning of the body's organs.Wound healing can take place through the natural process of the body itself, but often given also the administration of medicines to speed up the wound healing process. The drugs used are synthetic drugs that are generally relatively expensive. Therefore, many people are turning to herbal remedies derived from plants. Because in addition to having side effects that are relatively smaller than synthetic drugs, it also does not require expensive costs because it can be directly utilized from the plant itself. Indonesia is a tropical country that has great potential in its natural wealth. One of them is the plant Ageratum conyzoides or better known by the People of Indonesia as "Bandotan". The presence of this plant is very easy to find. This plant can be used as a medicine from various types of diseases, such as treating the flu, overcoming malaria, treating bloody wounds, and even preventing tumors. The bandotan plant (Ageratum conyzoides) comes from tropical America. In Indonesia, Bandotan is a wild plant and is better known as a weed in gardens and fields. This plant is believed by dayak people as a wound healer by chewing or crushing, then attached to the wound. According to Amadi et al. (2012) in his study identified secondary metabolite compounds contained in bandotan plants, especially in the leaf part, obtained the results that the bandotan plant contains alkaloid compounds, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, cyanide acid, phenols and other secondary metabolite compounds. The use of leaf spray Ageratum conyzoides because this leaf has a secondary metabolite content of alkaloids, flavonoids and saponins are very high (Amadi et al., 2012), alkaloid compounds can increase cellular proliferation at the site of wounds and contribute a lot in the wound healing process by means of early dermal and epidermal regeneration, as well as the formation of granular tissues and epithelial (Gupta et al., 2010). The active content of flavonoids that have an anti-inflammatory effect, saponins with benefits that are reducing inflammatory symptoms (inhibiting erythema and edema), anti-microbial, affect collagen, as well as repair and strengthen skin cells. Spray is made by soaking 200 grams of bandotan plant leaves (Ageratum conyzoides) and mint leaves as much as 50 grams that have been dried and ground until smooth with ethanol 96% as much as 750 ml for 24 hours. Then filtered and repeated for 3 times, then the result of maceration is made thick extract with Rotary Evaporator, then thick extract 200mg / kg dissolved in alcohol 10% and put in a spray bottle. Inflamed wounds are characterized by the appearance of pus with unbearable pain in the area around the wound, an unpleasant odor comes out, the area of the wound is reddish or black, blood comes out on the area around the wound, pain in the area around the wound, swelling of the wound area more than 5 days, high fever above 38 degrees Celsius, limbs in the area around the wound feel stiff to move. Based on the testing of Ageratum conyzoides spray on inflammation of the skin burned by hot oil obtained that Ageratum conyzaides affect wound healing with reduced length in wounds, spray treatment 3 times a day is most influential compared to other treatments that are experiencing wound closure in 9 days. Accelerates the healing time of clean wounds. This ability is demonstrated by the secondary metabolite content found in the leaves of Ageratum conyzoides which is very supportive in the wound healing process. The active substance Flavonoid is thought to have the effect of lowering the number of days of inflammatory period or as an anti-inflammatory, serving also as an anti-oxidant and helping to reduce pain in case of bleeding or swelling (Hustiantama, 2002).