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The National Crime Record Bureau's "Crime in world" 2019 report has revealed that crimes against children increased by 4.5 per cent in 2019 as compared to 2018. The report added that there was also an 18.9 per cent increase registration of cases under the POCSO Act. In its report, NCRB stated that as many as 1,48,185 crimes against children were reported in 2019 in the country. "In this, 31.2 per cent cases of crimes against children were registered under the POCSO Act. We came up with this idea to identify, rescue, block access, prevent crime against children and prevent offenders escape justice. Our findings show that this creation is work-friendly, eco-friendly and quick in alerting notifications. Most importantly, helps to reduce the crime against children.

Organization: SMK KOTA MASAI Innovator(s): SHIVA ROOBINI A/P BALAN, SIVASHANKERY A/P BALAN Category: Safety/Security/Protection Country: MALAYSIA

The proposed system includes a child tracking module and two receiver modules for getting the information about the missed child on periodical basis. The child tracking module includes ARM7 microcontroller (lpc 2378), Global positioning system (GPS), Global system for mobile communication (GSM), Voice playback circuit and the receiver module includes Android mobile device in parent’s hand and the other as monitoring database in control room of the school. By this mobile app, we have covered all these aspects by using a special key word. The system is provided with a Voice record which triggers the panic situation mode when use some key word. On activation of the panic mode, the attached speaker will automatically call the parents. Parents able the listen voice, communicated with the child, understand the actual situation of the surroundings and the GPS module collects the location coordinates of the kid and transfer the same to the parent app to the official numbers that are saved in the child app. The system able to track and send notification to parents if the child using different ways or missed out the road. The parent can set the system to work indoor or outdoor and depending on this selection the parent module can calculate the distance at any moment between each child and their parent. The parent can delimit the safety distance for each child and when it is overtaken the system will alarm both of them the parent and child. The system periodically receives call to the parent module and alert them if the child is in danger.