AI herbal tea doctor

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Guangdong herbal tea is a representative of Chinese traditional herbal tea culture, and herbal tea has a unique cultural heritage. The combination of herbal tea and AI can make herbal tea more widely spread and bring a lot of convenience to people's lives. At home, you can use Dr. AI herbal tea to complete a more accurate physical examination. The whole process is realized by AI technology and python program, by analyzing the video stream frame input and input into the neural network model, the detection result corresponding to the tongue coating type is obtained after inference, and the tongue coating image and category are detected through a simple web page output. Therefore, a suitable herbal tea is recommended according to the user's physical condition. Except for pregnant women, children and the elderly, all ages are applicable. The price is moderate and the application is wide. Being able to quickly and accurately judge a person's physical condition saves a lot of time and cost compared with going to the hospital for examination, and the recognition accuracy will be more accurate than that of a traditional doctor.

Organization: Hou Kong Middle School Innovator(s): Shen ShuYi, Wong KuanWai Category: Healthcare/Fitness Country: Macau

The purpose of our product design is based on the fact that Guangdong is located in the south, so the incidence of heat and heat is more common, and because it is located in the coastal area, the climate is humid, the incidence of heat and heat is more common. The herbal tea culture has a long history, wide popularity, recognized effectiveness, strict inheritance and huge development effect. Our work is to evaluate people's health through tongue recognition and analysis, so as to relieve the above "hot gas", "hot fire" and other adverse symptoms. Considering that western medicine has relatively large side effects on human body, we chose a traditional Chinese medicine - herbal tea. This way, even if the occasional wrong prescription, will not cause too serious effects on the human body. The innovation of our works lies in the combination of traditional herbal tea and modern science and technology AI, which is quick and easy and saves labor and time. In the design and other operations, we collected a large number of different types of tongue coating images and labeled and categorized them. The target-based detection algorithm was used to train the model of tongue coating detection and classification, and then each type of tongue coating was paired with the suitable herbal tea, that is, the algorithm could recommend the suitable herbal tea according to different types of tongue coating. The whole process is realized through AI technology and Python program. By analyzing video stream frame images and importing them into the neural network model, the detection results of corresponding tongue coating categories are obtained through the inference process, and the tongue coating images and categories are detected through the output of simple Web pages, so as to recommend suitable herbal teas according to the physical conditions of users. The system in our work USES SSD target detection algorithm, which has the advantages of fast detection speed, high accuracy, convenience, intelligence and low cost. The traditional diagnosis needs to go to the hospital for treatment, but our work only needs to plug in the power to start the system and the matching Web page, stick out the tongue according to the voice prompt, and the system USES its own algorithm for diagnosis. At the same time, this system USES advanced algorithms such as big data and deep learning to classify different kinds of tongue coating in advance. When used, it only needs to focus the lens on the system to identify and draw conclusions. The algorithm development and transplantation can be used for unlimited times at one time, while the hospital needs to register and wait for a long time every time, which saves money and time.