A Novel RFID Technology-Based Student Attendance and Health Declaration Statistical System during Pandemic

Short Description:

Traditional school attendance systems usually involve either in-person headcounts or ID card swipe systems. Low efficiency, incorrect data, and human error of these systems often become the direct causes for the parents to raise safety concerns over their children. More importantly, with the current bloom of Covid-19 pandemic, local schools are required to adopt infection disease notification mechanisms and report in-campus suspected cases to the authorities. Additional workload of collecting and statistically analyzing attendance and health records exerts excessive burden to teachers. To solve these problems, we designed a novel RFID technology-based student attendance and health declaration statistical system, in which RFID tags are implemented into a multi-purpose system that has algorithms that are designed to meet the current demands.

Organization: Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School Innovator(s): Jayden Chen, Jianxin Chen, Wa Seng Leong, Xiaoxi Ju Category: Information Technology Country: Macau

In this novel system, a washer-dryer-durable RFID tag pre-loaded with the student’s personal information is integrated in school uniforms. Real-time attendance of students is recorded by the central processor whenever they go past an RFID reader installed at the school gate and other areas in campus, and statistical analysis of attendance data is generated simultaneously. Also, real-time positioning of students can be achieved. Additionally, health declaration data and health code information of students are synchronized to the attendance system to generate a health report for the school officials. Suspected patients are promptly identified and automatic alerts are send to school administrators based on health information. Moreover, the system also allows different schools to customize features like instant notification sent to parents when the student arrives and leaves the school. This RFID-based system improves the efficiency and overall structure of the current school's attendance system and provides real-time location tracking and updates to the target users. The tag is embedded in school uniforms, making it more convenient for students to carry. The product is also affordable, washable and durable, and multiple tags can be provided to a student to put on multiple school uniforms. It also has several advantages over systems that use traditional barcode or QR codes.