Classroom Disinfection Health Guard

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At present, there are many UV lamp disinfection products on the market, but they can only be fixed in a certain position, operate like a fixed lamp, and irradiate UV light around for disinfection. However, there will always be ome corners that are blocked so that the UV light cannot reach, so that the disinfection work is not comprehensive enough to achieve a comprehensive disinfection effect. In order to solve this problem, we made this full-automatic cruise classroom disinfection and health guard against the shortcomings of the traditional UV light cannot move.

Organization: Macau Pooito Middle School Innovator(s): CHEN YU, LEONG WANG CHI, CHEN LAP SON Category: Healthcare/Fitness Country: Macau

The automatic desktop disinfection robot is specially designed for disinfection of classroom desktops. Why choose a classroom? Because there are more people in the classroom, the air circulation is relatively poor, and the desks are rarely clean. So if someone gets sick in the classroom, there will be a great risk of spreading the germs. We will think about what methods should be used to prevent the spread of germs. Later we decided to start with sterilization, and finally we decided to use ultraviolet light for sterilization. Usually, traditional UV lamps are used to disinfect the classrooms. Traditional UV lamps have a base for disinfection, which is fixed in the center of the classroom. The purpose is to let the UV light reach every corner of the classroom as much as possible, but because of the traditional The ultraviolet light is irradiated from the center of the classroom to the corners of the classroom. There will always be some places that cannot be irradiated. Therefore, some hidden corners are basically unable to be disinfected. You cannot fill the entire classroom with ultraviolet lights. It’s too much trouble, so we designed the robot to walk around with a UV lamp. This is the prototype of our UV automatic desktop disinfection robot. The UV automatic desktop disinfection robot can move around. The classroom is patrolled everywhere, so it can perfectly make up for this shortcoming, so that the entire classroom can be completely disinfected, so that the probability of transmission of germs among students is greatly reduced and the amount of bacteria in the classroom is reduced. In addition, turning on the traditional UV lamp requires human hands to turn it on next to the tube. Although it will not cause harm to the human body in a short time, it will be harmful over time. So we also designed a remote control as this UV automatic desktop disinfection machine The person's initial switch. Although there are many products for disinfection by ultraviolet lamps on the market, most of them can only be fixed in a certain position. Therefore, there will be some blind spots that cannot be irradiated because of being blocked, which makes the disinfection work not comprehensive enough and cannot achieve the expected Disinfection effect. The other type of UV disinfection lamp cannot be automated and mechanized. It can only be disinfected by remote control. In order to solve this problem, we have made this UV automatic desktop disinfection based on the shortcomings of the UV lamp cannot be moved. Robot. In order to enable the ultraviolet light automatic desktop disinfection robot to patrol and find passages in the classroom by itself, keep a certain distance from the tables on both sides when walking, and avoid hitting the tables, chairs and walls while disinfecting. A large number of ultrasonic ranging modules are installed on the robot. This robot is also equipped with a compass sensor to indicate the direction the robot is facing. This allows the robot to accurately adjust its walking direction at any time, so that the robot will not sway, and always follow a straight line. Walking, so it can more comprehensively disinfect the classroom. In addition, because we consider that if the ultraviolet light is irradiated to people for a long time, the ultraviolet light will cause certain damage to the human body, so for the sake of people's health and safety, the robot is also equipped with a human body infrared sensor. In case someone suddenly enters the classroom or approaches the robot during the operation of the robot, the human infrared sensor will detect that someone is approaching, and then immediately turn off the ultraviolet light and stop the operation. This operation is to prevent the ultraviolet light from being irradiated to the human body for a long time, which will have a bad effect on the human body, endanger human health or hit people.