Environmental-Friendly, Self-cleaning Air-purification Urban Railing Circulation System

Short Description:

Converting solar energy into electricity Real-time detection of road air pollution as a starting condition Use water mist adsorption to clean heavy metals and suspended substances in the air UVA/UVC eliminates airborne germs. Photo catalyst decomposes various toxic compounds in the air and decomposes air odor.

Organization: Macau Baptist College Innovator(s): CAI JIAYING, HOI CHON HANG, TAI HEI I Category: Environment Country: Macau

Focus in this piece of work was on modifying urban railing and using light as the main energy source - converting the light energy into kinetic energy to inhale the exhaust gas of city cars. First, water mist was used to absorb the larger solid suspended particles in the air and various heavy metal particles from automobile exhausts. In addition, UVC/UVA ultraviolet rays we used to kill viruses and bacteria in the air and to decompose air odors. In addition, using the photocatalyst of the nano-material, two gasification, with ultraviolet light, reduceds the toxic hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides which are emitted by the vehicles. Patent: U/000313(942