Fresh water condenser from seawater using direct solar energy

Short Description:

Many drying reef islands of Vietnam without a fresh water source, so water is transported here for extremely high cost. This device can condense freshwater from seawater and works in the simple principle of hydrological cycle. It uses direct solar ray, one of infinite renewable energy source. It has a simple structure, easy to transport, install and use.

Organization: Bach Khoa Maths and Science Club Innovator(s): Pham Le Dien Thai, Pham Le Dien Khanh, Ta Viet Bach Category: Energy Country: Vietnam

This equipment can generate freshwater from seawater to provide for people on the drying reef islands. The black color absorbs light and generates heat, thus causing the temperature in the equipment to increase significantly compared to the temperature outside. When the temperature in the equipment increases due to the greenhouse effect, the seawater taken in the equipment will start evaporating. As the vapor touches the cold glass surface, it will condense and form tiny droplets and flow down the trough properly. The equipment also can collect rainwater on the glass surface. The equipment is portable, cheap, longevity and eco friendly. The composite material of this is very light but tough, suitable for extremly conditions such as high concentration salt solution, abundant sunlight and heavy rain.