Real time data linkage science popularization optical experiment system (Ver 1.0)

Short Description:

This optical experiment system uses IOT technology to transmit data to the tablet computer in real time, which shortens the time and makes the data more accurate. It can quickly assemble and disassemble various optical components at the same time, which is compatible with more optical experiments.

Organization: Macau Baptist College Innovator(s): HUANG KAI,CAI JIAWEI,AO PUI IN Category: Other Country: Macau

This optical experiment system will change the way of teaching. It is changed from manual teaching to automatic teaching. Improve students' learning efficiency, hands-on practice ability has become stronger. The device can meet the needs of daily teaching, and the measurement system is more accurate and fast. At the same time, our device has the function of rapid assembly and disassembly, which can be compatible with a variety of optical experiments, so as to improve the practicability. This is convenient for students to learn, stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, and let students know how to explore science and love science.