Wireless security device with thermometer

Short Description:

It is an integral security device, solves problems of citizen and establishment insecurity and the lack of a preventive device for COVID-19. It takes photos and videos with its 360° rotating camera, by sensors it detects movement and by infrared thermometers it measures the temperature of a person and shows it on its screen, all this information is sent wirelessly.

Organization: DEVWIRE Innovator(s): Jacobo Oscar Miranda Zacarias Category: Safety/Security/Protection Country: Peru

My invention solves the daily femicides in Latin America, robberies, kidnappings, murders and more in homes and companies, the spread of COVID-19, the absence of a wireless security device that detects, alarms crimes, evidences crimes, prevents virus contagions and provides security people with disabilities. Finalizing its official patent process. It is an integral security device, it has motion sensors that detect when the criminal enters the home. Instantly its camera begins to take photos and videos up to 360 ° to evidece and apply justice to the criminal and sends alarms and information captured wirelessly to the entire home. It sets a temperature limit and its infrared thermometer detects when it is exceeded and sends alarms of possible contagion of COVID-19 for prevention. It is Gold Medal winner at KIYO 4i 2020.