SSC (Sea Shells and Charcoal) as Vehicle Exhaust Filter

Short Description:

Since air pollution is one of the major problems the world is facing nowadays, the researchers thought of creating a device which is the vehicle exhaust filter. This aims to diminish and decrease amounts of harmful gases like hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles using filters with sea shells and charcoal as main components.

Organization: ORIENTAL MINDORO NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL (OMNHS) Calapan City Division, MIMAROPA REGION-PHILIPPINES Innovator(s): Mark Joseph B. Pangilinan, Althea Marie M. Driz, Kiel Abraham M. Generato Category: Environment Country: Philippines

This vehicle exhaust filter as an innovation is created out of Sea shells and Charcoal. Since both have high adsorptive properties, it is highly effective in minimizing harmful gases released by vehicles. The device was placed in the exhaust pipe of selected motor vehicles, and was tested using the Automotive Emission Analyser before and after it was installed. Results showed that the device has significantly reduced the overall pollutants released by motor vehicles. This Sea Shell-Charcoal (SSC) device could be substantial to the 9 and could serve as instrument in reducing amount of air pollutants released by motor vehicles that are very harmful and toxic to the atmosphere. In addition, it could truly help the society in sustaining a better and a balance 9 that is a necessity for all forms of life.