Intelligent helmet with quick response system

Short Description:

The main goal of our invention is to reduce the time needed by the medical service to reach a person who had an accident while performing their work.

Organization: Technical school in Połaniec / AGH University Science and Technology Innovator(s): Kamil Tworek, Norbert Zmija Category: Safety/Security/Protection Country: Poland

The main idea of our project is to save lives. We created an electrical system that consists of several elements controlled by Arduino, and then we uploaded our software, and put the whole system in a construction helmet. For example, when something hits the helmet and a large shock value occurs, the Arduino will begin to analyze subsequent shock value for a few more seconds, thanks to which our system will be able to control whether the person is conscious or unconscious. The next step is to send an SMS to the phone number provided, and the message which contains the geographical coordinates of the injured person and a link to Google maps with the location to help injured as soon as possible.