Short Description:

Translucent concrete is an innovative building material having light transmission properties that allows partial flow of light through it. Aims at reducing the functional energy by manipulating vast amount of sunlight by not compromising the strength. 60% energy reduction is possible.

Organization: SELF Innovator(s): ROCHISHNU ELCHURI Category: Energy Country: India

Energy expenses and environmental problems have increased to global scale. Translucent concrete allows the distinction of bodies, colours and shapes through it. This innovative idea brings in vast ventilation disallowing the usage of artificial lights in daytime. It has least maintenance, light weight and no effect of climatic variations. The manufacturing process is almost same as conventional concrete with Plastic optical fibers embedded during casting process. The optical fibers transmit light by total internal reflection concept. Translucent concrete a novel revolutionizing building material that brings the concept of green construction, sustainability and environmental conservation.