Smart Water Plant Sensor -SWPS

Short Description:

We can’t live without water but water is under a big threat to the world. Water is very much related to human activities. Agriculture is one of the fields where water is vital. However, water wastage is very rampant in water plant system or irrigation in small and large scales which causes water wastage in a huge amount every year. Therefore, an efficient water management system is needed when it comes to irrigations, small-scale plantations and farming. The invention of the Smart Plant Water Sensor (SPWS) is a timely invention to reduce water wastage and also for lucrative harvesting.

Organization: Malaysian Innovation, Invention, Creativity Association (MIICA) - Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Megah Innovator(s): SUTHIKSHA BALOO, NARASHIMMA NAIDU BALOO Category: Agriculture Country: MALAYSIA

The mechanical device of SPWS is to sense the water level of the stored container/ tank when the irrigation /watering starts in the designated area. The depletion of the water level in the container is the marker. This sensor plays a dual-role, proper irrigation and to detect a malfunction / leakage. This invention uses Water Flow Sensor Meter, Switch Meter, Counter Hall Sensor 0.3-6L/min, an anolog device that control the pump, which is control by Arduino for schedule and automatic trigger. A smart phone device communicate with the pump through Arduino controller. The output signal uses a Bluetooth to trigger the signal in the Smart Phone App. This device has many invaluable properties for agricultural purposes. The device is environmental friendly and comes under artificial cluster which will be very relevant for IR.4 policy of Malaysia. This device also reduces the physical movement of the worker which can damage the crops and helps to yield proper planned harvesting, avoiding major water-wastage problems and crop-damage issues related to agriculture.