RETRIBOT – Smart Surveillance and Retrieval Robot

Short Description:

RETRIBOT is a surveillance and retrieval robot to investigate and monitor environmental conditions. The objective of RETRIBOT is to gather data in a specific target area and the use of gripper for clearing and retrival operation. It has a gas and nuclear radiation sensor and sound and lights alarm.

Organization: Holy Infant Academy Innovator(s): Kiana Nicole Martinez Reyes, Mary Khiela Louise Garis Duran Category: Other Country: Philippines

RETRIBOT uses Raspberry Pi as the central microcontroller that controls all the activity and information gathering of the robot. It is equipped with a gripper arm that is made from a heavy-duty metal to grip objects easier. It is controlled by a group of servo motors connected to the microcontroller. It has a MQ135 gas sensor which can detect the presence of ammonia (NH3), mono-nitrogen oxides (NOx), alcohol, benzene, carbon dioxide (CO2) and smoke. It is also equipped with a nuclear radiation sensor and it has sound and light alarms. A 4WD car platform is used which is controlled by an application in an android smart phone. All data gathered by the robot is displayed in the phone screen.